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Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

After the successful launch and rapid consumption of the Connection Voucher Scheme and its funding, launched by the UK Government in 2015, a second incentive has been begun offering businesses the opportunity to claim up to £3000 to offset the procurement of Gigabit-capable connectivity. 


General Information

SME's (Small or Medium Enterprises) nationwide that are interested in procuring Gigabit connectivity for their business are now in a great position to do so.

The UK Government, in late 2017 launched the first wave of its programme, the Local Full Fibre Network Programme, where £10m was allocated for five pilot areas across the country.  

Following the Local Full fibre Network Programme, an incentive known as the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme was launched in March 2018 "which has the strategic objective of increasing full fibre coverage across the UK".

To achieve this the scheme encourages businesses (SME's) to apply for a voucher of up to £3,000, which will go towards the cost of procuring Gigabit connectivity for their business. This is generally used to support the installation cost, which after the use of the voucher, usually renders the service as a 'free' install; which is a rare luxury. 




Claim up to £3000 now!

What is Gigabit Connectivity?

The advancement of Internet speeds, reliability and its security has increased exponentially since the early days of Broadband. For those who had to suffer through dial-up, it is space-age technology, in comparison.

Gigabit connectivity is the next step in Internet connectivity technology for both businesses and consumers. The infrastructure used is fully fibre, meaning that there is no use of the old copper framework that users already rely on so much. This upgrade means that there are improvements across-the-board, not only with speed but with reliability, security and capacity - all of which are vastly improved. 

The type of connectivity Gigabit speeds are achieved over, is known as a Leased Line. This means you 'lease' your own private, dedicated line to the provider or carriers core network, bypassing all other contended connectivity. A common analogy used is, imagine a public motorway? It is filled with dangers and risks, not to mention the traffic and congestion. Well now imagine your own private motorway, dedicated for your use, free of traffic both ways (what a dream). Well, this is what a Leased Line is. 

More information on Leased Lines can be in the knowledge base below:


How do the vouchers work? 

Eligible businesses are able to access the scheme through Vostron (a registered supplier). Each applicant will go through the following six steps to receive their funding. 

The steps are illustrated below, by the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. 





Gigabit Connectivity in Numbers

As previously mentioned, Gigabit connectivity, or Leased Lines are a true cut-above-the-rest. To show this, we have created a helpful matrix to help weigh up a Leased Line and its numbers against other available connectivity. 


leased line comparison.png

Did you know? Each fibre strand can transmit the entire contents of the Encylopedia Britannia in under a second!

What Can Gigabit Connectivity Do for Your Business? 

The huge drive behind the Connection Voucher Scheme and now the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme is due to the Conservative Governments recognition that faster connectivity, supports more productivity for businesses and in-turn generates more wealth and eventually greater prosperity for the country. 

With this all in mind Gigabit connectivity brings a whole range of benefits to any business that requires it. Some of them are:

  • Speed

The first thing most customers will look at when procuring a service from us, is the speed. It is the same with buying a supercar (we would imagine).'How fast can it go?' Well, thankfully a Leased Line is fast, really fast. The highest speeds available are 10 Gbps, but these are very rarely procured as they are very expensive and not really required unless you are running a small Datacentre for example. They then decrease incrementally to 1 Gbps, 100 M/bits and 10 M/bits respectively. Our most common procurement is the 100 M/bits service, this offers more than enough capacity for the customer to handle it's office bandwidth needs, whether it be VoIP, video conferencing, files transfer, video streaming, and so on. The bottom line is, it can handle it. A Leased Line's real differentiator is that it is a symmetric service. This means that the speeds it can achieve will be both upload and download, unlike its DSL counterparts.

  • Dedicated & Uncontended

All other types of connectivity available to businesses: ADSL, FTTC, EoFTTC or any DSL based technology are shared. This means that the physical network in the ground is for the use of many others. Because of this, you are open to many potential problems. Security as previously mentioned is a big challenge over these circuits, interference, breaks and SLA's are also large factors to take into account.

Leased Lines are solely dedicated to you, it is your own private network connected to the wider internet. This is why Leased Lines are so unique, no other connectivity can provide this.

  • Capacity

As briefly mentioned under Speed, the capabilities of a Leased Line are tremendous. They are used in a variety of industries, for an even wider range of responsibilities. Finance sectors, such as stockbrokers, will use a Leased Line for its extremely low latency. This allows them to connect to market instruments such as Bloomberg, make swift investment decisions, increasing profit, decreasing trading risk and satisfying client demand. Design agencies will use them for their ability to download and upload huge files, very quickly. For example, a 1 Gbps Leased Line can download a 1 GB file in under eight seconds.

A Leased Line can do these impressive feats easily, allowing the rest of the business to comfortably make VoIP calls, browse the Internet, access the cloud and video conference, all without missing a beat.


To put all of this into perspective, if you are in the manufacturing industry, for example, you are able to provide cloud access from the design team to the employees on the shop floor, instantaneously. If you are a design agency, you are able to upload and download huge files required to meet tight deadlines. If you are in the financial industry, the latency of a Leased Line is so small, that it allows you to make investment decisions faster, with up-to-the-millisecond market information, improving stock profit margins as a result. 

Most of all, a Leased Line allows your business to undertake an array of daily business requirements, such as high-quality VoIP calls, files transfers, video conferencing and masses of internet access, all of without breaking sweat. This capability will improve the efficiency of any business environment, making your employees able to achieve more and the company more profitable. 


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Never Look Back

Procuring Gigabit connectivity is one of those decisions that businesses wish they'd made much sooner. The benefits can only be felt once it is live, but we guarantee satisfaction.

The Gigabit Voucher Scheme is a unique opportunity for businesses to acquire full fibre connectivity, without the large initial investment attached. 

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements and the next steps for application. Simply click below, give us a call or send us an email. Additionally if you have any questions just reach out. 


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